My understanding of coaching

During a coaching session you will discover what you really want and how you can achieve your self-defined goals. Through our conversations, I will encourage you to self-reflect and become more conscious of your own resources. This gives you enhanced choices in terms of how you think, feel and act and enables you to initiate next steps.

In the coaching process I treat your interests and needs mindfully and respect you as the "expert for your life". All developed solutions will be your own, because only then will they have a lasting effect and impact.

As a coach, I am not your therapist or problem solver. I am rather your honest and neutral discussion partner, empathetic and non-judgmental listener, professional feedback and impulse provider working with you in a spirit of partnership.

Check out my testimonials to have the sense of the impact I have had on my clients.

Coaching - Procedure

Although every coaching process is individually specific and can proceed differently depending on the person and the topic, I would like to list the basic phases here for you as a guide. If you would like more detailed information on the individual phases, please click on the adjacent icon:

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  1. Initial conversation
  2. Contracting and goal setting session
  3. Three-way conversation with line manager and (optionally) HR business partner
  4. A series of 1-1 coaching sessions
  5. Closing sessions

Coaching duration

The duration and frequency of coaching sessions will depend on your topic, your needs and the development in the process. They will be mutually agreed.

Sometimes only a few sessions are necessary to kick-start a change. In other cases, continuous support over a longer period of time is appropriate or desired.

In the beginning, regular meetings are useful to keep the momentum. Later on in the process, the intervals can get longer.

On average, a single session can last 2 hours.

Coaching sessions can be face-to-face or happen virtually.

  • Every person has the capacity to make any desired change.
  • Change is possible if you want it.
  • Commitment to desired outcome
  • Equal, respectful and trusting partnership
  • Voluntary process
  • Confidentiality

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