In our workshops and development programmes, we focus on a group of employees or on a team that you identify.

Together we reflect on or analyse your current situation and your requirements for employee or team development. We clarify your specific needs and your objectives - always taking your corporate direction (e.g. company values, leadership frameworks) and your overall staff development strategy into consideration.

Only when we have understood all this do we develop measures individually tailored to you and your employees. These range from individual topic-related workshops to longer-term executive development programmes.

Theoretical input, individual and group work, role plays and discussions are just as important as mental and physical relaxation exercises, movement and games. Interaction, the involvement of our five senses and the enjoyment of the subject matter contribute significantly to the desired learning effect. Each conceptualisation focuses on a coaching approach.

Depending on the context, we combine face-to-face events with virtual formats and elements of e-learning. This is particularly advantageous for customers whose employees are based at different locations or speak different languages, and is of course also cost-effective.

It is extremely important to us to design all measures in such a way that they enable a beneficial transfer into day-to-day leadership work while keeping your employees’ long-term well-being as well as your company’s return on investment in mind.

  • Customisation of workshops & development journeys
  • Focus on practical transfer
  • Sustainable impact
  • Solid return on investment

  • Individual workshops
  • High potential programs
  • Leadership development journeys
  • Women leadership programs
  • Coaching in leadership

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