Throughout professional careers, new challenges or change situations arise for every leader. Not only can these include transitioning into a new role, handling complexity and uncertainty, going through a company transformation, building or developing a team or wanting to embrace the leadership role more fully, but also inner blockages or complex stakeholder structures in the organisation. In order to master these situations professionally, coaching provides an opportunity to reflect, understand yourself better, explore different perspectives and come up with greater choices in your behaviour and actions to find appropriate solutions.

Coaching topics

As an executive coach I support your leaders:
  • to successfully start or transition to a new position.
  • to effectively fill their leadership role with its many facets and to take it to the next level.
  • to resolve conflicts within the team, with colleagues or superiors in a constructive way.
  • to communicate more powerfully and confidently and thus more effectively.
  • to deal effectively with change and to remain capable of acting even under pressure.
  • to strengthen their presence and their positioning.
  • to integrate work and life in a healthy way.

My coaching approach

As a coach, I am an independent and honest discussion and sparring partner for your executives. In a safe environment, I observe, analyse and help structuring. I act as a mirror with the aim of guiding clients to see, understand and build profound new perspectives. I have no hidden agenda which allows me not only to challenge in an appreciative and gentle way but also to address the occasional trickier topics. My goal is to uncover thought patterns and blockages and to bring out the best version of each leader in order for them to excel in their roles.

Quality is the basis of my work and I adhere to the ICF standards and code of ethics. For you as a client, it is important to know that successful coaching is based on absolute confidentiality. My professional discretion is with the coachee. Concerns and the coaching goals are discussed together with the executive and his or her supervisor. However, the coachee always decides about the transparency of the contents and the goals.

  • Leadership & management competence
  • Resilience & stress management
  • Conflict resolution
  • Change and crisis management
  • Powerful communication
  • Executive presence
  • Onboarding
  • Career planning

  • Individual coaching
  • Team coaching
  • Online coaching
  • Coaching in German and English

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